Book 29: the Heart of Darkness, Sept 17

Posted on 19.09.2014


1529. The Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad (Sept 17)
Clearly, like nearly every American student, I read Heart of Darkness in school at least once. I couldn’t remember it, so I chose to read it again.

Now I remember why I couldn’t remember it: because not a whole lot happened. This book gets referenced a lot in film and literature, and I wasn’t quite sure why. To be honest, I still can’t seem to understand why. I think, in my mind, I imagined (or thought I remembered) some terrible and depraved shit going down. None of that happened in the book. I must have it confused with some other ‘conquest in Africa’ story.

Our narrator takes a trip to Africa, goes down a river with his crew, hears lots of stories about a man, eventually meets the man who is now very sick, gets him on the boat, and the man dies. So there’s the story.

I feel bad, as if I should have ‘learned something’, or more, from the story. I don’t really feel much of anything about it. To be honest, I’m not really sure what all the fuss is about. I’m glad I re-read it, though, so now I can remember for a few more years (and have a blog post to remind me) that I wasn’t a fan of the book.

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