Book 25: Cleaving, Aug 19

Posted on 31.08.2014


978031600336025. Cleaving, Julie  Powell (Aug 19)
After Native Son, I really needed some easy reading. I’d had this on my list for a while, so I got it down from Audible and gave it a listen. The Audible version is read by her, which is excellent. Her voice actually does sound a lot like Amy Adams’, who played her in the movie.

I really enjoyed Julie Powell’s first book, Julie and Julia, which got turned into a movie, so I figured it would be a good idea to read the second book and ‘check in’ on her.

As it turned out, she was dealing with a lot of things, like being bored in her marriage to her high school sweetheart and having an affair with some asshole who made her feel bad about herself. And learning how to be a butcher. It wasn’t the BEST story, but it looked a lot like real life and reminded me that everyone is human and makes poor decisions, even writers who got rich off of their first book. It’s nice to come back to a realty that looks a lot like yours once in a while when reading. Now I can go jump into Walden, which will certainly NOT look like my version of reality.

I feel like I’m not being very nice. The book was fine, the story was interesting, and I feel the need to buy the hardcopy JUST for the recipes she put in it. Something that happened in the second (‘travel’) part of the book actually caused me to have a nightmare last night, which was crazy, since I don’t have them very often. So, clearly, the book had an effect and I paid attention. That being said, I’m not sure I feel the need to read a third book from her, if it is autobiographical as well. I feel like I’ve had my fill, I’m glad she’s ok and still cooking, but I’m done, in a similar fashion to how I’m not bothering to read anything else from JK Rowling for a while.

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