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Posted on 30.08.2014


Over the past few weeks or months, I’ve gotten some new clothes, but haven’t had much of a chance to wear them. For one thing, it’s been damn hot, so on the off days we don’t seem to do that much. To add to this, I bought leggings in July, and it’s really too hot to even bother with them on most days.

photo 2I finally got a chance to dress up and go out and DO something a few weeks ago, so I got to try to actually do something with this skirt.

We were going out to dinner with some friends to a Turkish restaurant, and I figured that warranted making at least PART of an effort.

I would have preferred to wear my hair down, but with the heat we’re having at the moment (really, they were NOT joking about hot summers and humidity over here), all I could do was pull it up. Wearing it down would have meant frizz and half-waves, so up it went.

I’ve been trying to work out EXACTLY what tops work with this skirt, since it sits really high on my waist (totally fine). I got this top in Germany last year on my last trip to Maingold, a local chain that specialises in awesome, sometimes expensive clothing. I love this top because it’s half-sheer and all of the important parts are covered. I got it to wear with my galaxy leggings, which I have done, but with no good photos to show for it. Soon.

photo 1Also, I really wanted an excuse to wear my vegan Lita shoes, and this is the skirt to do it with. I have another skirt that will work with them as well, but can’t seem to find the photos of me wearing it. And it needs a good top, which I still haven’t found yet.

You can see in this photo the sheer/covered parts of the top. Mark took this one of me while we were waiting to meet our friends at the train station. I love that there are these railings/seats everywhere, it makes waiting for friends MUCH easier.

With Mark, I’m almost as tall as him when I wear the Litas. It was my first time wearing them since I was unable to walk last year, so walking in them was a feat in its own right. But then we went out and walked all over Tokyo.

This skirt is pretty short, so I’m wearing black bike shorts underneath it for any possible pervs and in case of the wind blowing. We’ve decided that legs are the important thing here, as this skirt is almost too long compared to some of the things we’ve seen. So I guess I might have *almost* blended in with the people around me?


photo 1As it turns out, there’s a big shopping centre near Mark’s office, which is near our home, in Ikebukuro. It’s called Sunshine City and is a lot like a HUGE shopping mall, but also like the 4 large stores that are lined up near my train exit on the Seibu line. It’s all boutiques and stores, and I’ve been able to do some great shopping there. It’s also close enough that I can get Mark to come along with me and check things out when I’m not sure.

Like a lot of shopping centres, there are some American stores spread out between all of the Japanese ones. There’s an American Eagle just next to the HUGE Uniqlo on the same street at Sunshine, so I went in to it one day. I have to say, it was my first time in a LONG time to even bother venturing into an AE as the clothes aren’t exactly my style, or weren’t, when I had to buy business casual clothes all of the time. But as it turned out, they were having a sale, and I needed a new pair of leggings that actually fit me properly, so I went in and found some stuff I liked.

photo 3I ended up buying 4 things from the store: 2 really, really soft t-shirts in blue and green (I’m a sucker for electric blue), the dark leggings, and a grey dress. We actually had to go back to buy the dress since I didn’t buy it the first time, but Mark really liked it, so we went back. It’s got an open spot in the lower back that *almost* reveals my tramp stamp, which is a no-no here in Japan for the most part, but it’s also got a really narrow FRONT, so all of my bras hang out. I’m still working on how to fix this. I have a bandeau that’s black that I can wear underneath, but it also requires some padding, since my headlights are always on.

So you’ll see photos of that when I solve that problem, and when it’s cool enough to wear the damn thing. At the moment, it’s too hot and I sweat in it. And since it’s cotton, the sweat shows.

It’s been an odd few months of looking at everyone on the subway and street to try to figure out what I like. This is the only city where I can look at what someone is wearing and KNOW I’ll probably never find it in a store. So I’ve been making a lot of mental notes of things I want to try on. When I find them. It feels almost like a race against time, since I have no time to shop and the seasons are already switching in the stores.


photo 3I got this skirt MONTHS ago, and am still trying to solve the ‘which top to wear with it’? question. The skirt is absolutely badass and is going to be awesome in the fall, but I wanted to wear it, now!

The top I’ve got with it in the photo is a Uniqlo cool bra top, and even though in the states I’d be fine wearing it as it is, here in Japan, I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m NOT supposed to rock this on its own.

I think part of that is that I see NO ONE else bearing skin. And this is because they’re all wrapped up like it’s winter, trying NOT to get a tan. But I look good in tan, and I don’t subscribe to their odd beauty standards, and if it’s hot out I’m NOT going to bundle up and stink like sweat. So I wore this top, even though it felt a bit odd to do so. I’m not even sure if I ended up getting odd looks or stares, but one thing I can guarantee is that I was the one sweating LEAST on the train.

@Corrie, or anyone who wants to give input: what the HELL kind of top should I wear with this skirt? I think something champagne coloured would be nice, as it has the colour in it (don’t mind the UK spelling, I’m not on my ‘Murican computer at the moment). It clearly needs to be a tuck-in one, I think. But that’s about all I’ve got: tuck-in and champagne. Help?

Also, I need to buy a tripod and stop harassing my boyfriend to take photos of me…

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