Frozen Combini

Posted on 29.08.2014


It gets hot here in Japan. It’s the same kind of hot they have in Baltimore, except these houses don’t have central AC, due to those pesky earthquakes. The houses withstand them here, however, due to their different style of building and a lack of basements, it seems.

It’s hard to stay cool when you’re out walking around, doing the shit you need to do: grocery shopping, buying furniture, taking the train, going to work.

The people here have decided that the best thing to do is to stay hydrated. Of course. But water gets too warm, too quickly in this heat, if you just pull it out of the fridge before you go. It’s warm by the time you get to the train station. So it’s normal to freeze your water and then bring THAT with you, so you have cold water, even when it melts, as it melts, as you walk around town.

unnamed-2The combinis here know this trick, and are there on every other corner, as usual, to fulfil your every need.

<< This is the frozen section at my local convenience store. Not just for ice cream (in a separate place altogether), but for frozen beverages to keep you cool.

And it’s not just water in there. It’s frozen Calpis drinks, tea of all types, and even Aquarius sports drinks.

I specifically remember this NOT being here in the winter months. This fridge was full of other things, and was probably just another cooler, like the ones directly to its right. But in the summer months, it’s used for this purpose, instead.

This is amazing to me. It’s such a simple concept. And the whole ‘doing things seasonally’ thing is taken to another level over here. In the same way that green tea/matcha chocolate is only available in the warmer months, so too are the frozen beverages. Because who would want frozen Calpis in January?

Japan wins again for convenience and trying to make life easier.