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Posted on 28.08.2014


are they nude? I think they're nude.

are they nude? I think they’re nude.

I see this interesting statue once a week, when I go to visit my friend. It’s RIGHT outside of the train station, facing a bus stop.

I’ve been going to my friend’s house since we moved here in January, and I swear we MUST have seen this many, many times. It’s not new. It’s been there the whole time. So how did I JUST notice, just the other day, that these two are clearly nude?

The only thing I can come up with is that we normally get to my friend’s house around 7pm, and as we don’t have Daylight Savings here in Japan (shocker), it’s normally dark around that time. It was only light around 7 at the very height of summer, and now the days are getting shorter. Today the sun will set at 6:18 pm. So by the time we walk by next week, it’ll be dark and we won’t even notice this statue, sitting just to the right of the building entrance.

We’ve seen a TON of interesting sculptures with humans as subjects. But this is the first one that makes me think, ‘these guys are totally having sex’.

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