I tried: Burt’s Bees Lemon + Vitamin E Bath and Body Oil

Posted on 07.08.2014



Remember when Burt’s Bees only made lip gloss? Yeah, me too. That seems like forever ago.

I tend to take WAY more showers during the summer than I do the rest of the  year. And I generally choose to just wear skirts during the summer. Since I’m not stupid, I wouldn’t dream of wearing pantyhose, or even thigh-highs during the hot summer months. I prefer to go bare-legged, much to the confusion of my counterparts here in Japan, and in Germany as well. Apparently, a lady must ALWAYS cover her legs? Eff that.

So in the summer, I also shave a lot more. And even though I don’t really NEED the extra moisture, I moisturize, since my legs are going to be on display all day. Lotion is nice, but in the summer months it’s a bit too thick for me, and also seems to sink into my skin too quickly. So a few years ago, I started using body oil in the summer. It lasts longer, is lighter, easier to apply, and also makes my legs shiny:) Nothing says ‘these legs are shaved’ like shiny skin. As this is my first summer in Japan and I was traveling light when I moved here in January, I had to go out and get some oil.

We’ve been over my shopping techniques in Japan MANY times already, so I won’t recount them here, again. Japan seems to be totally in love with Burt’s Bees products, so they’re easy to find here, and the markup isn’t terrible. When we stayed with Gaby and Steve in NYC last summer, Gaby had a bathroom full of BB products that we could try out, and we both liked the shampoo and conditioner we got to use there.  Also, they don’t test on animals, so we really like them.

My English- and German-label import product options for oil were Weleda or Burt’s Bees. Mark’s ex used to use Weleda (also cruelty-free, from Germany) products, and I tried a bunch of them out when I was trying to find a new shampoo. I didn’t really like their oil scents (even though the oil itself was fine), or the reminder of the ex before me, so I opted for the relatively unknown of the two. I bought the lemon and vitamin E option, although I don’t even remember making a choice, or even seeing other options. They either all looked alike, or this was the only one available.

Holy hell, this stuff smells AMAZING.

I tend to drink a lot of lemon- and lime-infused water in the summer months, and the lemon scent is really nice for a hot summer day, even if it’s not doing a thing to cool me off. The oil goes on fine, very smooth, and there isn’t an annoying residue like you get with some body oils.

I have a friend who uses straight olive oil for her skin, and that also has a nice smell. But I really like the lemon in this, as it’s nice and even a bit relaxing for the heat.

I haven’t tried adding it to the bath, but that’s not what I bought it for. The way it goes onto skin is great, though. So I recommend it for that:)