Day 25 taking Yaz, no epilepsy diagnosis yet…

Posted on 17.07.2014


I’m not sure if I mentioned in my earlier post about this, but I wasn’t able to get Tri-Sprintec here in Japan. Apparently it’s not here, or maybe no one could handle it, I’m not sure. I know it’s a high-dosage BCP, and apparently, the Japanese population doesn’t get down with high-dosage anything.

unnamed-1I was given a px for Yaz instead. If you’re a woman on bc or someone who’s with one, you may have heard about all of the issues with this pill. Some women have had some amazingly odd and scary side effects, and it’s currently in the middle of a few civil suits. One of the women in a suit somehow ended up with epilepsy while taking Yaz, which just seems shocking and wrong.

So with all of this in mind, I sat with my boyfriend one day and gave him a run-down of all of the possible side effects we might see. I’m normally not prone to experiencing side effects from drugs and have a really high tolerance for most things. That being said, I still felt the need to warn him about what may happen, since most of our relationship has been lived with me OFF of the pill.

Most doctors will tell you that the pills take about a month to ‘kick in’ and start working. However, after 20 days of my hormones being re-worked, I think it’s safe to say that I haven’t noticed any changes. I’m relieved about this, but am also waiting for the other shoe to figuratively drop. I’m not necessarily concerned about the possibility of gaining some extra weight, but I’m definitely keeping a close eye on my mood, any numbness that may NOT be associated with the MS, and how I feel in general. My family has a history of epilepsy, so I’ve seen it, lived with it, and know how to deal with it. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get the epilepsy gene, since it would have come out a long time ago.

Honestly, I’d really like it if my ass came back. To date, I may have gained SOME weight, but all of my clothes still fit me just fine.

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