I took a trip on a… space-age gyno chair

Posted on 18.06.2014


In another post for another day, I’ll talk about why, if you’re in any way concerned about abortion or a woman’s right to do whatever the fuck she wants with her body, you should NOT go into the field of gynaecology and take the Hippocratic Oath. Because those two things are, apparently, mutually exclusive.

In THIS post, however, I want to tell you about some advances in the world of gynaecology I got to see on my recent visit to the NEW gyno I found, who does NOT let religion get in the way of prescribing meds to women who need them for health reasons.

I ended up back at the hospital that my Neurologist is in. This is one of the better hospitals in the area, a research facility that is a lot like Hopkins. My Neuro gave me a referral for the head of gynaecology there, whom he is close with, and who also happens to speak some English. That was actually quite helpful, as this hospital already has my address and personal info. And the people there generally have SOME English experience, or can grab a translator from another department.

Thankfully, my friend Rika had translated my medical history for me and sent it in a message, so I could just show the doctors all of that info rather than trying to use a dictionary in front of them. I like to go in prepared and have learned that a letter written in Japanese is far better than me and them motioning and grunting at each other.

My visit and initial talk was pretty cut and dry, the doctor got my info, asked what I needed or would prefer, and then sent me to the other room to get undressed so he could do the checkup.

modern technology

modern technology

As an American who has now spent time in both Germany and the UK, I thought all gyno offices were the same, as these three mostly were. There’s a table or short chair, you climb up the middle and put your feet in the stirrups, lean back, and that’s that.

Not so, apparently.

This is what I was supposed to sit on. Also, I love that I got to keep my top on and just get undressed from the waist down.

I guess I had an IDEA of how this would work, but was still confused. After I was seated with the little towel on my lap (modesty!), the doctor and the nurse came in (even in Japan, male doctors are now supervised by female nurses) and picked up a remote, pushed a button, and then the chair lifted up, tilted back and spread my legs for me. It was funny, amusing and I was laughing about it. Thankfully, this didn’t scare the doctor or the nurse.

I was laughing because it reminded me of ^^^this scene^^^ from Family Guy when they walk into Quagmire’s cabin when he’s not there, push a button and Peter gets sprayed in the face with a gas that knocks him out, then the sofa opens up, spreads his legs and rips his clothes off. I had a feeling they’d never seen that before, so I didn’t try to explain it to them…

Either way, they weren’t too shocked when, after I put my clothes back on, I took a few photos of the chair. When I got back into the other office, which was right around the corner, the doctor said ‘so you’ve never seen one of those chairs before?’ I started laughing and said no, but that it felt like a ride at Disney World. That made them laugh.

So. Those of you back in the west: be prepared. This is coming from the future, and it is a fun ride that takes up WAY less space in the gyno office. Gone are the days of being asked to spread your legs, this chair does it for you! Technology!