I just paid all of our utility bills. At the convenience store.

Posted on 14.06.2014


half of the spots on this map are convenience stores.

half of the spots on this map are convenience stores.

I can’t even make this up.

Japan is the land of convenience, and this has got to be the height of it.

To summarize: every month, we have to pay:
– Electricity
– Gas
– Internet
– Water
– Cell phone service

I set up the cell phones to auto-pay from a US credit card that earns air miles. Everything else, we can pay at the convenience store. It is ridiculous, how simple it is. You bring the bills to the store counter. ANY convenience store counter. Anywhere. They add them up, scan the bar codes, and then give you a total. You pay it. They stamp the stubs, and you’re done.

Can you imagine how much simpler life in the states would be if all you had to do to pay the bills was walk into 7-11? How many LESS annoyed phone conversations you’d have to have with your cable provider? How many fewer overdraft fees we’d have if they didn’t take the money out a day before it was supposed to come out?

I can’t believe no one else does this. But I’m glad Japan does, because it makes my life, not being able to speak Japanese very well, MUCH easier!