New outfits, finding my fashion sense

Posted on 06.06.2014


So at the suggestion of Corrie over at Brooklyn Bliss, I made myself a Pinterest board in order to try to figure out what the hell my style might actually be, now that I am no longer in the clutches of business casual dress and a limited budget.

Let’s get one thing straight: I will most likely ALWAYS shop as if I am on a limited budget, and that can’t be a bad thing.

My sweet boyfriend tried to take me shopping a few weeks ago, because he listened to me talking and remembered me saying that I needed ‘tops’. I don’t actually remember saying this, but it was a valiant act on his part. He really dislikes shopping, but knew I was having issues.

He just chose the wrong day to take me shopping. It was hot out, and I hadn’t put a lot of thought into what in the hell I actually wanted to shop for, so it turned into a breakdown in the Uniqlo (of all places) because I was overloaded with options and didn’t know what to look for (to be fair, I generally try NOT to shop at multinational companies and prefer smaller boutiques, but Uniqlo is effectively the Japanese GAP. Just cooler).

unnamed-4unnamed-5But he wasn’t wrong. Since then I have been BACK to Uniqlo 3 or 4 times to get things that I saw mid-breakdown.

I ended up with some excellent ‘cool biz’ work clothes (remind me to explain this to you later). As you can see, my business style might not ever change… and I am totally ok with that. I am also totally ok with Uniqlo’s very affordable office/business casual separates that are in the PERFECT fabric (read: synthetic) for walking 4 minutes to the train station in the blistering, humid Japanese heat.

Another day, I had to run off to a doctor’s appointment while my houseguests Tara and Rachel went to check out an AWESOME vintage shop in the basement of a major book store. I was way jealous and wanted to go back, so once again, my sweet boyfriend took me there. No breakdown this time, and I actually bought something!

unnamed-1unnamed-2This is really NOT something I would have imagined myself ever buying. Not because it is not my style, but more because it is a skirt that sits ON my waist. I could wear it lower, but why?

This skirt is a style that I used to shy away from, when my ass and hips were a bit wider. But since the (either) MS-related OR completely-out-of-the-blue weight drop, the style is a bit more flattering than it was when I actually HAD wider hips.

The best part? IT’S GOT POCKETS. You know I’m such a sucker for pockets. This one holds (and hides) my iPhone perfectly.

I’ve already worn this twice. The only issue: for some reason when I tried it on, I thought it was a skort? It must have been all of the folds. Imagine my surprise later when I realized I’d just bought a REALLY short skirt. In the land of camera phones that are never silent, due to a major upskirting issue on escalators. I solved this problem by wearing the short black bike shorts I wear under my hakama (kobudo) under the skirt. No big deal. LET THEM TRY TO SEE MY FUNDERWEAR. They will be thwarted by my sensible bike shorts!

At this point, I’m still not sure what my style actually is, except to say that I know I tend to buy a LOT of black and grey. I am going to try to do more than that here, or else continue to buy kickass accessories. I’m just going to take it as it comes, shop when I can and I guess we’ll see if there is a style when I’m done?

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