Book 13: The Cricket on the Hearth

Posted on 18.03.2014


cricket_cover_large13. The Cricket on the Hearth Charles Dickens (March 5)
So it appears I’ve graduated from reading on the way to work to LISTENING on the way to work. I’ve certainly got enough books to read, but Audible had a special, so I grabbed a few books 🙂 This one was on super special and practically free. So I figured, why not?

This was actually my first Dickens reading or listening experience (aside from stories that got turned into movies), so it was a newer writing style for me. That being said, it was easy enough to listen to, if not sometimes falling into the realm of listening to a rambling retiree… that’s what I get for choosing the one narrated by a man who sounded like he literally had great grandkids.

Regardless of having a very long storytime with my grandfather, the story had a typical Dickens-style happy ending and was easy to listen to on my way to and from work each day. It was a sweet story, overall, but I might put Dickens on hold for later stories (for now), as they are not exactly my style and there are MANY other stories that I have to read, yesterday.

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