Added to the music page: Phantogram, Polica, Purity Ring, MNDR and David Bowie, of course

Posted on 18.03.2014


I’ve got a lot of new music to add to the music page, and I feel really bad for just getting to it now… I’ve had a bit of a back log of things to blog lately, as the computer is getting fixed, I’m killing myself with work, and when I am NOT at work, I don’t want to spend time looking at the phone or computer, but at my boyfriend:)

So these albums are the ones I’ve had on repeat on Spotify for the past 3 months or so… Not to plug a program or an app, but I really appreciate Spotify premium meaning I don’t have to update the music on my iPhone. That’s awesome. I don’t have to be choosy anymore about the memory space. I love it.

Polica-Give-You-The-Ghost24. Poliça, Give you the Ghost (2012)
We actually got onto this one right after its release, as an offing AMAZING remix of Lay Your Cards Out came out relatively quickly and got major play on in Germany AND 6 Music in the UK… It became an instant favourite between us towards the fall of 2012.

That being said, it’s been on repeat and I actually bought this one that year. I’ve just been majorly lazy about updating my music page. The entire album is worth the listen, and the first few tracks always really grab me and suck me in.

Quite honestly, I remembered to write about this one because their new one came out last year, and I also need to write about that… so you are getting TWO from them from me. And that is not the only band I’ll do that about today:

Polica-Shulamith25. Poliça, Shulamith (2013)
Hey guys, busy much?

So they released this a year after their last one that I loved, and it’s ALSO excellent? Even Lady Gaga can’t manage that. I loved her first album. Nothing since, sadly.

So Shulamith came out and reminded me of how much I loved their last album, so I ended up listening to BOTH on repeat over the winter.

Is it wrong that I can’t choose a favourite track? Is it wrong that I LOVE the opening track and get excited when I hear it on my playlist? Is it wrong that this album can effectively function in my background for ANYTHING I happen to be doing? I hope not.

MNDR-Feed-Me-Diamonds26. MNDR, Feed me Diamonds (2013)
I caught this one thanks to the band Creep, who remixed the title track and sent us all an email to let us know. The title track is excellent on its own, but the Creep version is equally excellent and possibly better. I can’t tell, actually, since I love them both.

So this is the band’s first full album, although the’ve released a lot of singles before this. And while the title track IS my favourite (what’s the good in being good?), the rest of the album holds my attention to keep it on repeat. It’s a perfect album for walking the streets of Tokyo and especially the crowded train stations. My favourites are (In no order):  Number 1 in Heaven, Faster Horses, Fall in Love With the Enemy, UBCL, Waiting To name more than half of the album is an accomplishment these days.

And if I can just mention for a moment the lyrical goodness that IS Feed Me Diamonds and the historical event it references, I loves it. I haven’t heard too many excellent lyrics these days, and this one is a favourite for that reason, among many others.

phantogram_-_eyelid_movies27. Phantogram, Eyelid Movies (2009)
Another old album that I forgot to post, that ALSO got continuous play once I heard it… very near to its release, I w

as just newly implanted in Germany at the time and it must have slipped my mind, in all of the setting up and getting acclimated that happened.

Once again with the track names, Mouthful of Diamonds was the first track I heard and it had me hooked, but the rest of the album does NOT disappoint. I especially LOVE Running From the Cops, When I’m Small and You are the Ocean, but don’t let that detract: the entire album is worth listening to for an entire day on repeat. It never gets old.

Of course, this is getting listed NOW because of the impressive NEW album they just put out, that came up on the radar:

Voices_album_cover28. Phantogram, Voices (2014)

Because I was listening to the previous one the entire time anyway… 🙂 But Voices goes off in a bit of a different direction, while still maintaining the original voice and sound that made me love the earlier album.

The entire FIRST FOUR tracks are excellent together and apart, and lyrically worth a listen. Especially Never Going Home, which might describe my current state of existence…

If you like ANYTHING by Phantogram and haven’t heard this yet, definitely give it a listen. Because it is worth every second.

PURITY-RING-SHRINES-575x57529. Purity Ring, Shrines (2012)
Because I heard and downloaded the single of Belispeak years ago for a Maneaters album, and it came back onto my radar for some unknown reason at some point.

I gave the entire album a listen, and just didn’t stop. Because why should I?

Aside from the odd names of the tracks (that are all a lot longer than seems to be normal these days), JUST TRY to listen to this album and to WANT to stop it halfway through. Because I can’t and don’t.

It’s great for walking the city, just as MNDR is, but in a completely different way. Crawlersout, Fineshrine and Lofticries are my personal favourites, but that is not to say I don’t love the rest of the album as well:)

David Bowie's The Next Day30. David Bowie, The Next Day (2013)
How appropriate to put him at number 30. It’s a nice, round number.

How awesome was it that on his birthday, David just nonchalantly releases a new song, and is like “oh, by the way, here’s something new I’ve been working on, I’ve made an entire new GD album’.? I love this man, seriously. I love the concept of the album cover, I love that he isn’t bothering with touring, and just put out an excellent album. Not fading away, still completely relevant, this one.

I remember how excited I was when I heard this one that day, and how excited I was to send it to my (now) boyfriend and tell him about the David making music again. This entire album got us through a drive to Florida from Virginia, and a different drive from Germany to England before that. My personal favourites are the title track, The Stars (are out tonight), (You Will) Set the world on fire, and Valentine’s Day… except that all of them are my favourites, it that even possible? I can’t say that there is a song on this one that I DISlike… that’s not true of all David’s albums, but this and Heathen can do no wrong.


Ok, that’s enough for today. I think I’ve been all blogged out. But there is more music and there are more books, so expect to hear from me again soon x

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