The new home, job and searching for wifi in the train station

Posted on 04.02.2014


Happy new year, happy new home, happy new country!

72950_640222492640_1941738227_nI’ve been MIA for so many reasons, the first of which was, of course, moving. Then there was moving in to my new house. Then there was waiting for the house to get wired for internet… let me start the explaining there:

Our new house is offing AMAZING, as I mentioned in the last pot. It also has only ever had two families living in it, us being the ‘number two’. The previous owners were the original builders, and we are not sure how old they are, except that they just decided to move out because they were too old for a house this big and wanted something more… assisted. So, we’re guessing ‘retired’ might be a good description.

These lovely retired people who built the excellent home on a small side street next to the train tracks probably never got around to using the interwebs. So we had to have the house wired for it. We went with a friend and signed up for some kind of internet subscription that MIGHT end up paying us a couple hundred dollars to have joined (I guess we’ll find out in a month when that check is supposed to come?), and then got to play the waiting game for install. All went according to plan, kind of, except that it left us waiting for that date for about 2 weeks.

So in the meantime, we used up our entire month’s worth of data on our little family plan because we were tethering our phones to our computers in order to do things like read Facebook (super important and why didn’t I just do it from the phone?) and stream movies for the cold, uninsulated Japanese winter nights. With varying levels of success, and many failures.

So all of that got solved over the weekend, when the internet finally got installed for us. But before then, we also started working. My work shift at the office is insane, due to my clientele here: all business people, in the business district. We are closed, closed, CLOSED on Sundays and holidays! There are 3 Starbucks in the immediate vicinity. All of my students wear suits, and only come to see me between the hours of 7-10am and 4-10pm. This means that I’ve got a 6 hour break in the middle of the day, which is awesome, except that my commute is about 45 min door-to-door, and I’m trying to SAVE teh monies, not spend double on the train every day. I’ve opted to spend this month in the train station in my off time, getting to know it, and using the free wifi in Starbucks.

I spent the first day walking the 3km train station looking for the Starbucks. I couldn’t find it. Well, technically, I found one, but it had no seats, so I was looking for another one that I knew was nearby. I walked around that day for 2 hours before deciding to give up. I thought I’d seen everything, and it was only day 2. So I was slowly and carefully walking down some stairs (slowly) when some American tourists walked past me, asked if I needed help, and then proceeded to help me down the stairs (they had no banister, that was the issue). We got to talking, and I asked if they knew where they were going, and then offered, since I had about 4 hours to spare, to walk them to a restaurant IN the train station (it is huge, cavernous and spread out) and then to help them get to the right train. I ended up sitting with them while they had lunch, talking to them for about another 2 hours! It was a great, unexpected surprise in my sea of suit-clad business folk. In the end, there was still no wifi to be found, but I had made new friends! So it was a win:)

After I got back to the office (after they got on a train), my coworker walked me back the way I’d come and showed me the Starbucks. That started my crazy issues IN the Starbucks. My coworkers all seem to be awesome so far, btw.

So the next day, I started coming to the SB. I sat down, opened my computer, got the wifi password and started using. Except, about 45 minutes in, my computer flipped the fuck out. I thought it was because I tried to stream a song online. I spent the rest of my break that day trying to get all of the programs on my computer to quit, constantly restarting, and practicing being REALLY patient.

That went on for two days.

Over the weekend (maybe on Friday, I don’t remember anymore), I finally got my computer to run a full scan with my software scanner. That showed only one threat, and I fixed it. Then I ran the normal disk utility that the mac comes standard with, and got the ‘OMG YOUR COMPUTER IS GONNA DIE, BACK THAT SHIT UP YESTERDAY!’ error message. I tried to repair, but it is apparently beyond repair and needs a reformat. Yesterday. Awesome that my XHD is still sitting in the US!! Just fucking awesome. So I talked to a technologically-inclined friend over here, who says I really need to try to get the computer to boot up at least once so I can back up once more, and then reformat. So as I type this, my computer is sleeping soundly at home, while I use the wifi at the SB on Mark’s computer, which has already had this issue before.

Because it really needed to wait until I was as far from a US apple store as possible. Not that I even want a new laptop, I just want a new, larger HD to go in my white casing. Silver is SO 2001.

I have more blogs to post, but my break is almost over! I also have some outfits to photograph and videos to post, which will probably come from my phone and go directly to youtube.. we’ll see about that. Happy workweek from the future! xo

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