Closing out 2013 with short stories

Posted on 02.01.2014

My eyes are still not doing so well, and I’m still having some trouble sleeping (or staying asleep). So to keep myself occupied and NOT bored/making noise, this is what I listened to as I closed out 2013.

26. Do You Know Where I Am?, Keir Dullea, December 22
Game, Donald Bartheleme

27. The Uninvited, Lewis Allen/Dorothy Macardle, December 23

28. Fortunately, the Milk, Neil Gaiman, Dec 25

Fantastic Mr Fox Players Theatre Web29. The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Roald Dahl, Dec 26
30. The Enormous Crocodile, Roald Dahl
31. The Magic Finger, Roald Dahl
32. Lifeboat, Alfred Hitchcock

33. Spellbound, Alfred Hitchcock, December 27

34. Strangers on a Train, Patricia Highsmith, December 29
By Advice of Counsel,  PG Wodehouse

35. Something to Worry About, Deep Waters, PG Wodehouse, December 30

The Dahl stories were all read by the man himself, which was an excellent thing to listen to in the early morning hours of boxing day, sleeping on the in-laws’ floor on an air mattress. The Hitchcock audio movies/books were excellent as well, with the original actors in the vocal roles. This has been my first foray into Wodehouse after he was suggested by a friend a few years back. I’m not sure I like or dislike the stories yet… I’m still getting a feel for them and his style of writing and what he’s saying. I have to say, I favor darker things with deeper consequences, but I’m not angry at the stories for having wasted my time, so there’s that.

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