Shorts rampage, on the train and walking London

Posted on 14.12.2013


On Wednesday I had to go to London, to pick up my visa. While I was super excited to go and get it and finally have all of this DONE, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to making this trip on my own. The trip is about 90 minutes each way and I was going solo. So I loaded up my iPhone with all of the new podcasts I’d just subscribed to and set out on the trip, which would take closer to two and a half hours each way, once you figure in the bus to the station and then waiting at the station…

I actually don’t even want to count all of these, since there are so many. I think on short story days, I might just count the day rather than the story? I don’t know, I’m still figuring all of this stuff out. There are really going to be so many to comment on, I don’t want to link to EVERY 2 sentence comment…

desert_island_discs24. Desert Island Discs featuring Roald Dahl (December 11)
This first selection wasn’t even a short story, but rather an interview from the 80’s featuring Roald himself, on the popular DID program. I’m not a huge fan of the series, but my boyfriend turned me on to it a while ago, so when I found this as a podcast on iTunes, it was easy to decide to listen. There really is something so nice about hearing the author speak about his work.

Pig, Roald Dahl
Still gruesome, still excellent

The Rocking Horse Winner, DH Lawrence
I really liked this one. It was sweet and sad.

The Book, Ben Loory
Almost funny. I totally understood it.

The Man UpstairsPG Wodehouse
My first foray into Wodehouse, I will definitely be listening to more of his shorts.

Playing With Dynamite
John Updike
These were both really sweet. My first Updike stories, as well.



Another day of short stories, after a long teaching day… It is really nice to fall asleep to a good book.

25. The Maltese FalconDashiell Hammett (December 13)
I actually grabbed this thinking it was Federigo’s Falcon, which was a brain fart on my behalf. I knew the general story of this one, but it was nice to listen to the original radio show:) Kind of like going back in time!

Federigo’s FalconGiovanni Boccaccio
I read this story so long ago in school, separate of the rest of The Decameron as a standalone topic in English class. I loved it and wanted to read it again, so I went looking for it. I’m not used to shorts having ‘happy endings’, so this one is still nice to read at the end. I can’t believe how long this stiory has stuck with me.

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