Posted on 30.11.2013


1474522_633524735000_788846628_nI stopped here tonight on purpose.

I didn’t photograph each 5 since the last post, because I did 20 tonight. No reason to photograph every 30 minutes.

This past month has been a bit crazy, with a lot of waiting and frustration, inability to get things done (but not for a lack of trying) and things changing. I knew what my wish would be, and then I kind of lost it. And today is November 30, for 2 more minutes.

I think I want to save these last 5 sheets for December 1, and daylight. I also want my boyfriend to be there with me when I finish. He’s sat next to me this entire time and has been really supportive, so I think it’s only right that he be in the room when I finish. As for my wish, I think I have it nailed down.

Whenever I see a shooting star, I always make the same wish. I’ve been making that wish for about 8 years, and it continually comes true. I won’t tell you what the wish is, except to say that it always works out as it should. I think with these 1,000 cranes being finished, it might be time to make a new wish, and maybe at this point it might be ok for me to make one that is remotely selfish, as I have spent the past 8 years making a somewhat selfless wish. I think I’ve gotten that wish given to me a thousandfold, and it’s time to change things up a bit.

The cranes have seen me fix my hands. They’re not perfect yet, but I can write. Now I just need to work on my handwriting. Today was the first day I put a towel around my hair without feeling nauseous, and I managed to take an entire shower on my own without getting dizzy. Progress is being made. I don’t shake going down the stairs, even if I am still taking them slowly. I’m feeling a bit better. My credit rating went up and now I’m in the top 90th percentile, which is a HUGE change from having someone else wreck my credit score back in 2005. My visa application was approved in Japan the other day, and I was finally able to start contacting places about apartments. I’ve started taking Japanese lessons. Things are getting better, even if it is slowly.

So I thought it would be smart to save these for December 1st, and daylight. Even if it is just a story and tradition, I want to make sure I make the correct wish and that it counts. The daruma was so successful, I have to make these as successful as they can be.

I can’t wait to get to Japan and hang them. I guess I’ll spend the next month figuring that out.

I’m almost sad to finish these tomorrow. It’s been such a big part of my year, and they have been with me everywhere. I guess now I really can get back to reading, since I won’t be chasing a one-year deadline on the cranes anymore. I have a ton of books between the two kindles just waiting to be read, I can’t wait to spend December getting that number up to at least match last year.

This feels like the end of an era. It hasn’t even been a year. I might fold a crane every day after this, just for fun. I certainly have enough paper left to do it for a while…

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