Book 18, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Neil Gaiman

Posted on 28.11.2013


Ocean_at_the_End_of_the_Lane_US_Cover18. The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Neil Gaiman (November 28)
Also known as ‘the book I really want to own because of the gorgeous cover, but still haven’t physically bought yet’. I got it as my free first book download from Audible and have once again been lying in bed listening to Neil Gaiman read his story.

After a year or so dealing with MANY different English accents and realizing that I don’t think they all sound as awesome as previously believed (and omg, some are horrid, like UK versions of Texas), I can safely say that there are two men whose accents I could listen to forever. I happily spend every day with the other one. But Neil’s is a close second, and I’m ok to hear him talk. I’m sure his wife is, too.

I’m interested in just how many of Neil’s stories focus on the experiences of children who end up having to do very adult things and deal with very unusual situations. But aside from that, this might have been one of the MORE visually stunning stories I’ve read from him in a while. Not to say his writing style has changed much, because I don’t think it has, but this one felt more descriptive somehow. It was easier to visualize fully. Maybe that was the effect of LISTENING to the book rather than reading it. Also, Ursula might have been one of the scariest story villains I’ve read in a while. And the end of the story actually made me tear up, which isn’t something I do often.

Audiobooks are filling a nice chunk of time in the morning between when I wake up (usually 5 or 6 am) and when I have to get up and go into the office and teach (usually 9 or 10 am). In this amount of time, I’d like to allow the nicely sleeping guy next to me to remain sleeping, but I have no plan to get out of bed. Audio book! No extra light, no outside sound, and I get to stay in bed. Awesome.

I’m not sure I could EVER put Neil’s books in order of favorite to least favorite, but I will say that I think Anansi Boys might be closer to the end and this story might be up there with Neverwhere, which I think is near the top. Gods and Stardust are in the middle. The short stories are at the top as well. That’s the most order I can give the list for now, I just like them all too much!

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