Book 17, kind of… Shoggoth’s Old Peculiar, Neil Gaiman

Posted on 25.11.2013


105595517. Shoggoth’s Old Peculiar, Neil Gaiman (November 25)
Technically NOT a book, in more ways than one. I forgot that this short story is a part of the Smoke and Mirrors collection – a series of stories that I actually use quite often when teaching English. Furthermore, I got this as an audio download for being a member of the Neil Gaiman mailing list (or a follower on Facebook, I can’t remember).

I haven’t read a book since August, since I put books down to find a job, and now that teaching online is taking up ALL of my free time, I still don’t have a lot of time to read. So this as an audio book as I lay trying to fall asleep was a good idea. I’d never thought too much about audio books since I prefer to read when commuting, but if I’m not commuting and my eyes hurt, it seems like a fair way to still get in a good story.

I actually forgot I had it until I joined Audible as a free trial. I downloaded my first book free, and this popped up as ‘in my library’ upon syncing. Awesome.

Even more awesome? The fact that the author is also the one reading the book to you. So it’s like getting my own personal bedtime story from one of my favorite authors. Totally great! If those rumors about Neil and Tori Amos and bedtime story phone calls are true, I imagine that is what it might feel like.

So Shoggoth’s. I forgot that I had even read the story, and that’s probably because it’s near the beginning of one of my favorite short story anthologies, which is full of SO many favorites. Regardless of this, I think Neil must know a LOT of Americans or at least done a fair amount of research, because the protagonist in the story is an American traveling in England, and he nailed it. I was chuckling at the many insights of a confused American touring England. Because I’ve thought a lot of them myself:)

I wasn’t going to count this, but since I’ve counted other short stories on these lists and it was my first jump back into stories (can’t quite say ‘reading’ here), it deserved to be counted. Also, it has a story line that deals with Lovecraft, who also writes short stories… it just felt right! There’s another audio book coming, and maybe even more after that. But at least I am back to stories. That feels good.

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