First recipe post ever, back to writing

Posted on 01.11.2013


I don’t post recipes normally, since I don’t tend to make them myself. I prefer instead to FIND recipes that look interesting, try them, and if they are awesome, pin them and share them with friends. Today I’m posting a recipe that I had to figure out, one that we loved and wanted to make at home.

We were in Philadelphia at an excellent restaurant called Vedge. Listed as vegan and vegetarian and only about 1/2 mile from where we were staying that weekend, we had no choice to but to check it out. We loved just about everything we ordered, but the dish that REALLY hit home was the Fingerling Fries which were on the Dirt List. They were so amazing, in fact, that we asked the waitress if we could know what the recipe consisted of, so we could try to make them at home.

She was nice enough to ask the chef, who gave us an ingredients list. It was relatively simple, and we’ve already made this 3 times since then… This was just the first time I actually recorded what was put in and in what amounts, and now I want to share it:)

photoOn the subject of ‘recording’, I haven’t been able to write (or even hold a pen that well) for about 2 months now. I was determined to write the recipe down the other day when I decided I have to start forcing my hands to come back, as I have to start making Japanese flash cards soon. I’ve been able to type through this bout of weakness mostly well, but signing my name has been a joke. So yesterday was the first day I wrote anything other than a really bad artist signature, and thankfully I could read my own writing… I just doubt anyone else could! I did not write Worcestershire sauce, that was added on since I chose to write Lea + Perrins:)

As a note about the recipe, we haven’t been able to find Fingerling potatoes to make this with, so we’ve opted for small, firm potatoes, like New potatoes. I make no apologies for the way my food looks; these look much better in dim lighting and once you taste them, you will realize that their looks don’t matter at all:)


photo 1Vedge-Style Potatoes
makes 6 servings

750 g (1.5 lbs) small, firm potatoes (good for baking: we use new potatoes)
1 medium yellow or sweet onion, diced
8 Tbsp mayo
2 Tbsp Olive oil
1/2 Tbsp Lea + Perrins Worcestershire sauce
Salt + Pepper, to taste

In a medium pot, boil the potatoes until cooked through, but still firm.

Meanwhile, saute the diced onions in a skillet with the olive oil over medium-med/low heat. You only want them to be translucent and soft, not browned. Remove from skillet and leave them in a medium bowl. Keep the skillet and any drippings left over for later, you’ll use it all again.

Combine the mayo, salt, pepper and L+P sauce in the bowl with the onions. This is mainly all to taste; the amounts I have listed are the way we like it: more sweet than tangy. Mix well.

When the potatoes are done, strain them and place them in the skillet. Set the skillet to low heat and drop in the mayo mixture to combine. Gently mix as the heat warms and loosens up the mayo. Only do this until it’s all combined, no need to cook the mayo mixture too much!

Remove from heat and serve:)

Some notes:
This recipe really only served two, as it was a main in a vegetarian meal and we LOVE it so we eat a lot of it! I think 1.5 lbs of potatoes as a side dish should make 6 servings.

If you can’t find small potatoes, use larger ones and cut them down to bite-size. Just be careful when mixing in the mayo, as exposed potatoes without the skin tend to shed and that will pull them apart.




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