New Photos Added to the Etsy Shop!

Posted on 27.10.2013


eearly morning onI was sending in my second (and hopefully final) submission to a stock photography website and found a few more images that had been massively favorited on the Flickr site. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to add them to my Etsy shop and offer them as prints, since they seem to be so popular with people I have never met:)

There weren’t many of them, and I don’t think it hurts to have more images to choose from. Now if I could just manage to get my views up from an average of three per day, I’d be set. I’m not quite sure if that’s normal or just pre-holiday quiet as I haven’t been paying much attention,but I am now! It’s helpful to pay attention to the numbers to try to figure out how and where to ‘advertise’ the photos for sale.

God, it is SO clear that I am not working and totally bored with too much time on my hands… I’m spending way too much time on my Etsy shop, editing photos and trying to figure out how to get rid of things in storage in another country. I need to pick up a damn book.

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