Added to the music page: Chromatics, Kill for Love

Posted on 25.10.2013


artworks-000020696826-kxzj6w-crop23. Chromatics, Kill for Love (2012)
I’ve had this album in my iTunes library for a few months and haven’t been able to really sit down and listen to it the way I’d like to. I’m starting to think that might be par for the course with this one, since the first time I heard it was in a crowded, noisy bar. One of the tracks caught my attention, and then throughout the night I KEPT hearing just the tiniest bits of songs, all sounding kind of related to each other.

I realized a few hours later the album was repeating itself and got excited, since that meant someone was using an MP3 player somewhere. Thankfully it was the bartender and he told me what the album was. I went home and downloaded it that night.

So this album is great in loud bars, as it’s ambient to begin with and has vocals that are reminiscent of the Jesus and Mary Chain. It’s electronic. It’s ambient, to a point. Downtempo, almost lounge, almost distortion. It’s sitting comfortably in the middle of everything and manages to kind of slip out of YOUR consciousness whenever it’s the album that’s on. I can’t listen to this album enough and I’m going to have to have it on repeat in my headphones for a WEEK to get it down, it’s that slippery.

That’s not a bad thing, it just makes it a little harder to get to. It’s not in the same vein as ‘albums and songs that can’t hold my attention’, it’s more like an album that’s playing hard to get.

All of that being said, the things that DO stick in my head are all worth repeated listens, esp the track Lady, which is the one track that ALWAYS manages to bring me back to the album if I have in fact slipped off again. Definitely worth a listen.

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