Posted on 23.10.2013


photoI actually thought, somewhere back around 925, that I might end up posting MORE blog posts than folding cranes, thus reaching 1,000 blog posts before I finished the 1,000 cranes.

That is clearly not going to happen, and I’m totally ok with that. Now I’m sitting here with the last 25 sheets, the last folder to put them in, and I’m not any closer to knowing what the wish will be.

I did these last 30 while sitting alone, watching Sailor Moon cartoons one night, and it occurred to me that the wish I’d planned to make has already happened, well kind of at least, so I don’t want to make a wish that’s already been granted.

Not to say that any of the lore surrounding the thousand cranes practice is true, but if it IS… well I want to at least take it seriously.

This latest batch of cranes (just about everything past 900) has been a physical therapy of sorts for me: I’ve been using folding the cranes as a hand exercise, to keep them moving in general and gauge how well my ‘recovery’ is going… if we can even call it that. So maybe that wish in a few days should be for health or something. Not entirely sure yet.

I had planned to finish the cranes in 200 days, in the middle of July, 28.5 weeks after starting. That failed! So far it’s taken 41 weeks since my start date, and 287 days. It seems that for all of my days of folding 30 cranes, there were too many when I just didn’t fold. No harm, though, as I just need to finish within a year, which would be by Jan 12 2014. I think I can handle it.

Only 25 left! And then, the discussion on hanging them (and getting all of them to be in one place, as right now they’re with me and in Bel Air). Maybe I’ll photograph every 5 I fold until then.

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