Having a sale on the Etsy page: 25% off!

Posted on 21.10.2013


To celebrate the pre-birthday season, I’m having a sale on my prints on the Etsy page. I just did a mazzive overhaul on the site to add more listings and sizes for prints, and to get rid of the prints that hadn’t got a lot of attention. I’ve also optimized for searches by updating the titles and search words, so this is a bit of a test to see how much more traffic I can get through before the Xmas season goes into full swing.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHSo technically, there are LESS images on the site, but MORE listings. Hopefully the new size options are helpful.

The sale is 25% off purchases of $70 or higher, which would be two of the smallest prints available. It goes until my birthday.

It’s funny really, because I remember most people’s birthdays forever… I pulled my birthday off of FB a few years ago as a fun test to see who would remember it (or who happens to use a calendar like I do) and who just happens to jump on the bandwagon and say ‘happy birthday’ because a few others do. It’s been fun, but it looks like this year everyone who doesn’t know it will get a hint, since the sale will end on my birthday, which is a week before the Xmas shopping season hits the fan: November 16. That’ll give me enough time to decide if I should make a NEW sale coupon for the Xmas season, or just leave well enough alone.

So if you have been checking out the photos on my page, this month would be a smart month to buy prints, as I may or may not have another sale in the future. Here’s a link to the shop, even though it’s over there in the right nav:)

For more images, go to my Flickr site, where all of my photos live. I will make a custom listing for anything you see there that is NOT in the shop already!

Happy shopping!

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