To break up the monotony of drug and MS posts, I’ll post about cruelty-free products!

Posted on 11.10.2013


bild-alverde-puderrouge-dataI found Alverde pretty quickly when I got to Germany, as they are the store brand for DM, which seemed to be everywhere (it was, in Bayern at least). It was my one-stop shop for gluten-free Schär products and toiletries, so, ‘the necessities’. I’m not sure when I found out, but Alverde makes a TON of products (shampoo, dish soap, make up), and doesn’t test any of them on animals as a company policy. On top of that, they don’t use conservatives, or synthetic scent or color materials. Awesome! I tried a TON of their stuff.

Not oddly enough, as it’s a store brand for DM, I couldn’t find it anywhere else. That made a lot more sense once I realized it was actually a store brand and not just a contemporary of Weleda!  To add to all of this, the products are often vegan AND they are really inexpensive.

I’m not sure which product I got first, but it was either the blush or the lip gloss.

bild-alverde-color-and-care-lipgloss-dataEither way, I loved them enough to keep buying them. I’ve used (and love) the lip gloss and their eye shadow. I’ve also enjoyed the bath oils and bubble bath stuff via friends!

Things I used and didn’t love: shampoo, conditioner and dish soap. The dish soap and the shampoo had the same issues for me: stuff never felt clean. My hair never felt clean and the dishes never felt totally clean. It was like I had to use half the damn bottle  to get the grease out in both cases. The conditioner was similar: it never felt like it actually worked like I need conditioner to work on my thick hair.

I can’t find these products on Amazon in the US, but they are available in the UK… so if you’re ever in the EU and need some quick, inexpensive, cruelty-free products, they’re all there and ready for consumption. Thank goodness for the affordable options.