it’s nothing that hasn’t been done before, so why do we feel the need to keep talking about it?

Posted on 07.10.2013


I don’t even have to say her name, and I won’t, because I’m not after a high click rate and I don’t feel the need to show up in google searches.

I’m getting SO annoyed at all of the people my age (most of them are parents now) going on and on about what a bad role model for young people she’s being, and why does she have to do this now, and how un-classy it is to try to be sexy at a young age, etc.

Can we just stop with the gag reel already? Because the first album my parents ever bought me was Madonna’s Like a Virgin, and even if we were to JUST start the timeline there, we’d have enough material to say ‘we’ve seen this before’.

In fact:
1984 (GM: aged 2, maybe 3. I think I was the ‘young people’ at this point)

This is literally ‘tame’ by today’s standards.


And then in 1995 (MATH: 18 years ago, in our prime ‘young people’ time, 3 years after putting out a book called Sex that featured photos of her doing things with Vanilla Ice and other men):


By the time we’re already full-fledged adults, a new artist is doing something similar, with songs from our youth, no less. This was in 2004, 9 short years after Madge’s bondage video.

She even put out a less-bedroom version, with lace teddy:

But she wasn’t the only one, and this is what most of the parents on my friends list were listening to (and probably dressing like) at the time. This was 2002 and I was 20 or 21. What an excellent role model:

And then a new generation decided to join the discussion. This is what we got in 2009. Don’t even get me started on pop princesses and their love of soft-core bondage, making everyone else look ridiculous:

And let’s not forget ANY video from the Pussycat Dolls.

Guys, this is me NOT EVEN TRYING. Don’t ask me to go and find ALL of the video evidence of history repeating itself. We have seen this plenty of times before, it’s not new, it’s a bunch of younger female artists saying ‘hey, I’m not a disney princess anymore, look at me as a grown up’.

It’s not controversial, it’s not new, and honestly, it’s not a stimulating conversation topic because of JUST how normal and mainstream it’s become. Why don’t you just ask me what I had for breakfast, that at least is a topic with some variety. Except this morning, I had oatmeal. AGAIN.

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