I’m getting tired of bothering to plan ahead

Posted on 03.10.2013


Because nothing ever turns out how it’s expected to.

I was supposed to go back to the states, get a job and set up shop and stay there for a while. Instead, I’m sitting in one country while my entire life is sitting in another. I was supposed to do some interviews out here and then just go back. And now I’m here while all of the stuff I need now, and will certainly need in Japan, is far away.

All of my cooking and baking supplies. An entire wardrobe. A fucking bike. And this is just the stuff I accumulated in Germany, this isn’t even my mom’s crystal or the stupid table I painted in high school that have been in storage since I moved in 2009. Or christmas decorations I’ll apparently never use again (not that I actually decorate for christmas). Stuff I probably won’t bring to Japan is just taking up space in storage. I wish I could have a remote yard sale from here!

TRESemme NaturalsThe ONE genius plan I had when I started to travel a lot was the toiletries box: in each of the countries that I spend a lot of time in, there’s a box full of everything I need to take a shower, do my hair, wash my face, etc. That stuff gets heavy when you’re operating on an airline’s weight restrictions, so to keep a hairdryer and curling iron with friends in 3 or 4 different places is actually WORTH it. I’m ok with never having to carry facewash, shampoo, conditioner and a toothbrush with me.

But now I’m starting to get really pissed off about how much stuff is sitting around, not being used in the states. It’s making me wish I could go back just to get rid of it.

The food stuff is important for multiple reasons: my ridiculous intolerances and restrictions make that stuff necessary, and that is doubled by the fact that most of it (minus rice flour) might be harder to find in Japan. Upside to Japan is that since most things are made predominantly with rice flour, I’m already winning. So that stuff is going to have to get mailed and we’ll hope it makes it through security.

My clothes are getting less important by the day. At the moment I’ve lost so much weight that half of it won’t fit. Half of the clothes WITH ME don’t fit!! The other stuff that’s packed can’t even be used for work, since work has a strict dress code that nothing but 3 items I own can match.

But my bike? It seemed like a smart idea to bring it back, but I am NOT going to pay to ship it to Japan, because I imagine it will be cheaper to just buy a bike over there IF I NEED ONE. So now there’s a badass bike in a box in an empty condo.

I’m probably NEVER going to buy another hard copy of a DVD or album again, and instead opt for buying everything digitally online and carrying my entire life with me on a few external hard drives. There are SO MANY DVDs, CDs and books sitting in boxes right now!!!

And my cameras! My 4×5 might have to be brought to me in Japan the same way it came to Germany: with a friend on a plane, checked as luggage. The D80 is there and that will have to come to me, but what about the others? Will I really need the Holga now that there are TWO Mamiyas in my life? What about the trusty Vivitar I’ve had since college? The two Polaroids? I don’t know how long I’ll be over there, and I certainly don’t want to move things over to ship back to the states eventually.

I’m slowly coming around to the decision that I’ll have to buy things to use and then sell them off. Rather than growing attached to them and keeping them with me. I don’t really like this idea because I like to use things until they die and NOT waste money, except there’s a TON of stuff not being used in storage right now and that feels like a huge waste in itself. I hope I can find a happy medium in all of this. I thought I was traveling light and I guess that technically, I am, except for all of that stuff that isn’t traveling with me. :-/

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