Important decisions made about ‘the future’

Posted on 29.09.2013


I’m actually not sure any of these are recent decisions, this post is more a culmination of all of my previous thoughts. About trees.

One of the things that absolutely KILLED me while I was in Germany was the absolute waste that happened every summer and fall as the fruit trees started to drop things on the ground. One mature apple tree produces enough apples to feed an entire block of families, and each season the apples would just fall to the ground and rot. I understand that one CAN get sick of eating something all the time, but fruit in these parts is seasonal, so you get a break from it! One of my students was super diligent about his apple tree and would pick all of the apples, and the windfalls up, and bring them to a juicing plant nearby. He would donate all of those apples to make juice at the plant, and get a credit to take any other juices he wanted from them. It was a good trade-off, local apples for the juicers and juice for him! I loved the idea.

Two summers ago, I took full advantage of the apple and pear trees in my backyard and learned how to bake with them both. And also had more fruit than I even wanted to eat. Regardless, free fruit from your own back  yard is pretty awesome.  Which led me to one of my decisions.

This is not a deep post by any means, just a post about trees:)

I’ve decided that at some point I’ll probably (probably) want to own a home. And based on my recent decisions, I’ve decided that although I will never mow the lawn myself, I’m going to need a back yard. Because I am going to own some fucking trees.

my_mimosa_treeI’ve been on the hunt for a tree I used to climb as a child in Maryland. I called it ‘the perfume tree’ because of how its blossoms smelled, and someone wrongly informed me that it is a Dogwood. It’s not a Dogwood, even though I love them, too. It’s a Mimosa, or Silk Tree.

It really does nothing more than sit around looking awesome and smelling good, but an upside to the tree is that it grows relatively low to the ground and is good for climbing. It grows in temperate areas, so unless I’m in Sweden I can have the tree. Awesome. I don’t even care that it’s pink. It smells too good for that to matter.

381189And speaking of pink trees, I’m also planning to have a few Magnolia trees. I grew up in MD with some of those as well, and there is noting lovelier than a road lined in these trees near the end of spring, when the flowers start to drop.

One of my favorite things about my time at MICA was getting to walk down Mt Royal Avenue in the spring from the Commons in these. I’m actually shocked that in ALL of the movies I’ve seen filmed in Baltimore, not one director took advantage of this, as I think it’s far prettier than Poet’s Walk, which I’ve seen far too often in movies and TV shows. These are a bit taller than the mimosa, but could still be climbed early on. Climbing will be helpful for me if I never get to install my climbing wall.

And then, of course, will be the fruit trees. Our current apartment ALSO has an apple tree out back, and I’d like to have at least 2 or 3 different apple trees back there. At least a Gala and a Pink Lady (which made us the most amazing PINK apple juice yesterday). I’d also like a pear tree or two and a cherry tree. The plan would absolutely be to have an entire yard that grows food year-round. So strawberries and black currants at the fences or on the border and then vegetables on vines around the border.

babyhedgehogI know this means that I’ll eventually have more food than even I can cook, and I am totally ok with that, since I love to cook for my friends… I will gladly give them food from my garden as well! I don’t think anyone living around me would object to that. I certainly wouldn’t if it were me getting free food from down the block. It’s better than wasting it, don’t you think? I imagine this means I’ll be one of those people with an extra freezer in the garage or basement that is just right for storing bodies.

This also means I’ll eventually have hedgehogs as outdoor pets. I will literally build them a little home to keep them safe:) Who wouldn’t want these little guys living in the back yard?

So that’s the big, important life decision for the future: own enough grassy land to plant the hell out of it. Huge life decisions this Sunday morning. This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands.

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