I’m not dead yet! – a PSA of sorts.

Posted on 18.09.2013


I was having a conversation the other day with a friend and we got onto the subject of charity walks and my MS. My friend asked me if it feels odd to have my friends and family go off and do walks for MS and then say they did it for me, or other people I know.

I hadn’t given the idea too much thought, but after a few events that occurred recently, I was able to actually say something that I think might need to be said on behalf of ALL of us who might be handicapped, or have a disease.

notdeadyetDoing the charity walks is awesome. I’ve done a few of them, more for my mother, who is dead, than for myself or anyone who happens to be alive. I think it’s slightly creepy to say ‘hey, I did a walk for you’ to a friend, and it DOES feel odd when people say that to me. The reason for this is because, quite frankly, I’m not dead yet, so I don’t feel the need to be memorialized just yet. Also, to be blunt, MS isn’t going to kill me. It’s not a fatal disease!

I’m not against the walks, or anyone who does them, or the funds they might raise that go towards research. I will say this: I don’t expect MS to EVER be cured, unless it is selectively taken OUT of DNA. I do expect that songs will be sung about my greatness eventually 🙂

What does kind of tick me off is when I actually NEED help in my every day life, and no one can take the time out of their busy schedule to help me do something as simple as move a box, or pick something up from a friend. It’s totally cool to go off and blow an entire weekend walking 50k or biking 150k for MS (after you harassed all of your friends, family and coworkers to donate to the cause and most likely booked a hotel room), but it doesn’t make sense to help me do something that is ACTUALLY necessary for a few hours? That’s a funny way to help out the disabled!

So: as a PSA to anyone who happens to know someone with a disease or handicap: we really appreciate that you care enough about us to fundraise or walk/ride/run in our honor, but if you really want to support us, do something to make our lives a bit easier.

My best friends have NEVER donated cash to the MS walk, but they DID bathe me, shave my legs, style my hair, and pack my suitcases for a vacation that I had no reason to take when I couldn’t do those things myself. That was MORE helpful than any amount of cash they could have donated to MS research. Just a thought.



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