Mixing your drugs: the MS version

Posted on 17.09.2013


nature-made-vitamin-d3-1000-iu-tabletsIf you happen to have MS, the first thing they do is test your blood EVERY TIME YOU WALK INTO THE NEUROLOGIST’S OFFICE for iron deficiency. Once that’s out of the way, you go on the meds or just keep taking what you’re taking.

There are a TON of recommended diets and ‘natural cures’ out there, from the Swank to the MS Recovery Diet. I don’t really subscribe to any of them, although I HAVE gone mostly gluten and dairy-free, along with legume-free and pescetarian. The MS taught me that I am actually lactose–intolerant, with a light gluten intolerance that focuses on the whole, healthy grains rather than the processed white shit I was brought up with. There are exceptions to every rule (like good pizza), but for the most part I stick to them.

One of the other things I’ve taken on has been Vitamin supplements. A few came from dropping the dairy, and a few were recommended for MS patients. I started out with Calcium and vitamin D supplements, due to dropping the milk. You can’t just drop something without subbing in the parts of it you actually need, so I take those. MS patients are told to effectively OD on the D pills, since we end up needing more than people who are healthy. I was put on 2,000 mg in the summer months, and 4,000 in the cold ones. As I’m currently in the middle of a flare-up, I’m on 4,000 until I can walk unassisted.

Later on, when I couldn’t get in to see my Neuro during a flare up, I learned how to medicate myself OUT of one with a cocktail of OTHER vitamins that people with MS tend to need. So now, when I get weak, I also take Zinc, Magnesium and a B Complex. These function as kind of a natural steroid for me and kick me out of the funk I fall into.

I wasn’t having any issues with my meds in Germany, but I had to refill in the states and now I’ve got a small issue: if I take ALL of the vitamins at the same time, I feel sick. So the past few days, I’ve been experimenting with the ORDER I take the pills and WHEN, to find out what the issue is.

Lesson learned: I need to eat first and let it settle, first and foremost. And from now on, I can’t mix the B and D without having food first. It took a week, but I found it! The Calcium, B and D go every day, while the Magnesium and Zinc are every other day. On the EVERY pill days, I have to really have eaten a LOT to take the pills. Noted.

On top of all of this, I finally found the right dosage of normal Paracetamol to get rid of a headache. I won’t list the amount here, since I have a tolerance for painkillers that would seem like I’ve got a pill problem, when really it’s just hereditary and NOTHING works aside from Thomapyrin + caffeine. I’m so glad I gave up caffeinated beverages so long ago, now it works as a painkiller!

Really. I do more experiments with drugs than I should, but at least they’re drugs I need.

The downside to all of the pills is a daily routine that looks like a drug store advertisement. The upside is that it forces me to eat breakfast. Dropping the birth control pills really didn’t change anything, except to give me a little peace of mind every month.

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