There seem to be a LOT of spiders in England…

Posted on 11.09.2013


brown-recluse-spiderIt was SEVERELY disconcerting when I laid down to soak my hair in the bath the other day and saw not one, but TWO large spiders on the ceiling in opposite corners. Disconcerting, but thankfully I knew enough to know they were Daddy long legs spiders, and therefore harmless (to me).

I’m allergic to spider bites, so I get concerned when I see them. A bit. I’ve been seeing a lot more of them indoors over here than I’m used to, and I finally figured out why.

The large amount of spiders found indoors is the DIRECT EFFECT of the severe lack of window and door screens in this country.

Magic-MeshIn America we have ALL kinds of things to keep the bugs out, including the miraculous invention: Magic Mesh. In England, where it never really gets too hot or too cold and mosquitos aren’t THAT common, there are no screens for the windows or doors. People just open the door or a window when they want a breeze, and in come the bugs. I was confused until I realized the doors here don’t seem to allow for the second screen door, and neither do the windows. They just open, or don’t.

Every evening when the door or window is open and I’m indoors, I have to resist the urge to turn out the lights… it just doesn’t seem like anyone here cares. Which is fine, but it means I’m getting eaten a LOT more than normal. It also means that everyone here is REALLY good at catching bugs in glasses and tossing them outside, as if they WON’T come back in eventually.

The upside is that I no longer freak out when I see a bug in the house, I just hope it’s not coming my way. Either way, I am a bit more concerned about the amount of bugs that might crawl into my mouth at night.

Also, as an interesting side note: Americans and Brits have different definitions of daddy long legs. In America it’s a spider, and in England it’s a flying bug that kills other bugs. I need to start making lists of all of the English-English false friends!