Questions of economic effectiveness

Posted on 08.09.2013



Hello there!

In case you HAVEN’T read the news yet, I am going to Japan! I got the teaching job and will start teaching in the new year. I couldn’t be more excited about this! Shortest. Daruma Goal. EVER? Not sure, but I’m certainly going to keep this one for at least a year to celebrate and then I’ll give it to someone for good luck!

At the moment I am having a bit of a conundrum. Now that I have a job and know where I’ll be going and WHEN, I have to start packing for said job. But I have this one, tiny issue: I’m on one continent, and ALL OF MY WINTER CLOTHES are sitting on another continent. My funds are dwindling. On top of all of this, half of my clothes don’t fit due to summer weight loss. There are a few things at home that I KNOW fit me, but overall, just a lot of shoes. Which I will certainly be bringing with me. Other things like my Japanese books, teaching materials, etc are all over on the east coast as well. There is a good suitcase or two worth of things I could bring with me to Japan sitting over there.

The question has now become: do I spend a decent chunk of what cash I have left to fly over there and collect it all (and try on ALL the clothes) just to fly back over and possibly (most likely) have to buy clothes anyway? Or do I buy all of my clothing again (I will need new things anyway, as there is a dress code that I can’t currently fulfill with what I’ve got) and ask my friends in charge of my things back home to mail my things right to my new address in Japan?

I’m leaning towards the latter, as I think I can actually get the new clothes AND the shipment of my things for FAR less than the cost of a plane ticket. I know that going over and doing it all myself will save my friends a bit of work, but I also know I’d do it for them and know I can count on them to handle it all for me.

The part of me which grew up with NOT a lot of money doesn’t like to buy new clothes when I have some I could use, but the part of me that is 32 and completing the last large goal I had set for myself wants this to be an actual, new beginning. Also, the dress code is simple enough to NOT warrant spending too much money on getting what I need. Especially if I can have my shoes and jackets mailed to me. I guess a lot of this depends on how much I could get a plane ticket for. If there were a deal that brought the round trip down below $500, I might consider it a little more doable.

I welcome suggestions. I have learned enough to know exactly how much to NOT bring with me initially (no summer clothes will be packed for a move in December!), and once I’ve booked a ticket, I can start planning my suitcases. Until then, I have enough clothing with me to last me through this planning period. But any suggestions would be very helpful!!

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