Finally got rid of the Nivea and found… Weleda

Posted on 04.09.2013


6045397356_0ac626b98b_zI got hooked on Nivea Creme a few years ago, when I realized exactly how great it was for my feet.

I should explain about my feet. They get dry, and I have a bit of an allergy to sweat. This means that during the summer, if I wear running shoes, I’ll sweat in them and get water blisters, which will then in turn dry out and start peeling layer upon layer of skin off of the sensitive bottoms of my feet. If I wear flip flops or other open shoes in the summer, they just get dry and then the peeling comes. Because of this, at ALL times of year, I give myself pedicures (I am an expert, my mother was a manicurist and I learned from a pro) at night and then slather on the Nivea Creme, put on white socks and go to bed, to wake up to beautifully soft feet. This is ritual and my feet are usually impeccable.

I found out a few months ago that Nivea is NOT, as I previously thought, cruelty-free, and the realization hit that my inexpensive tin of foot balm would have to be replaced, along with my favorite facial moisturizer. So while I was visiting Germany a while ago, I stopped into a Müller to check out my skin hydration options. There weren’t many, as Nivea is something of the end-all, be-all in Germany, but I came across Weleda, who showed up as about 5x more expensive. I have used Weleda products before, but have never been truly satisfied with them, although I DO thoroughly appreciate their dedication to creating cruelty-free products.

weleda-main_2571083aThis was one of the few alternatives available in the shop, but it had to pass my special test, or I would walk right over to Lush  (next door) and buy something outlandishly priced… I opened the box, took out the tube, and squeezed some of it into my hand. If this stuff wasn’t AS thick and creamy and spreadable as the Nivea Creme, I would leave it.

Thankfully, it is AS thick, if not thicker (who would have guessed?) than the Nivea, and smells great. It’s got a list of nice ingredients, but I think the most overpowering smell is the Calendula, which is great for saying ‘this stuff is made of natural stuff’, and clean-smelling, too.

While it does seem expensive when compared to the Nivea Creme, once you factor in how long it lasts and the size of the bottle, it really is comparably priced, or close enough to not matter.

I would highly recommend this as an alternative to Nivea lotions, and fully intend to keep buying it, as it is available on BOTH sides of the Atlantic. Now I might even consider trying some facial creams… if I can ever be persuaded away from the Caudalíe stuff… 🙂

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