VO5: unexpected great products which I forgot ALL about…

Posted on 31.08.2013


extreme-couponing-tips-shampooOnce I realized that I MIGHT need to try out a clarifying shampoo for the amount of styling products I use, it got easier to walk into a store with a list of appropriate brands and choose accordingly. I haven’t even BEGUN to avoid unilever products, but am starting that list soon as well. At this point, I’m out of the US and they don’t export so many things over here, so it’s not too hard to pass them now.

I got this shampoo and conditioner set AFTER the Organix set, because I read that VO5 was cruelty-free and got really excited. There was some point in my teenage years when it became illegal or something to use VO5 products, most likely because they were ‘cheap’. I don’t remember this happening, but I DO remember the slight bias I have had in my mind since having friends at a certain age. They were all using the Aussie line and something that was themed with horses: mane/hoof or something like that, and VO5 was looked down upon by these people for who knows WHAT reason.

22400341071So when I read some reviews and realized that VO5 has always been cruelty-free, I got really excited: these guys cost something like $1 per bottle, if they are marked up. So I went to Wegman’s that night and flipped over the fact that VO5 had a clarifying set, and happily spent about $2 for a month’s worth of hair washing.

I will say this about the set: as a clarifier, the shampoo worked damn well and my hair actually felt CLEAN afterward, which is not something I am used to. The kiwi lime scent was nice, but not overpowering, and it worked on male hair just as well.

The only downside I found was with the conditioner: I use a LOT and like to lay it on thick, and the conditioner was a bit thinner than I am used to. This didn’t change the effect it had on my hair: it still detangled and smoothed just fine. It just meant that I ended up using a LOT more of it than I usually do. It felt a bit watery, but that is to be expected once in a while. I only expect thicker conditioners when I am buying ‘intensive care’ or ‘heavy moisture’ products, so it wasn’t to be expected here. Nonetheless, I felt the need to use more of it than normal and that meant it went a bit faster.

On the upside, at $1 per bottle, you can afford to use more. I’d definitely buy it again! Thanks for being cruelty-free, VO5 ❤