Saying the same thing in different languages

Posted on 30.08.2013


die daumenI was having a conversation with a friend I met in Germany who is half-American, and we were talking about my hopeful new job. She said to me, ‘I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you’ and then followed with ‘and I’ll also drücke die daumen!’, which means ‘to hide or tuck in the thumbs’ and is the German equivalent to finger-crossing.

Gesture - Fingers crossed (with clipping path)It made me wonder (and pose the question to her) what the Japanese say in this situation. But more to the point, I’d like to know what ANYONE else says when they mean this sort of thing.

So I’d really like to hear from my readers/followers/friends if they know how to say this (or the equivalent) in another language, just to see what the similarities and differences might be.

Please? Thanks!

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