I tried: Organix Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner

Posted on 25.08.2013


organix-coconut-milk-pooI know that I’ve been gone for a few weeks, but I’m back on the grid now! I was in Europe doing some interviewing for a job, and have some more interviews coming up… hopefully there will be some news soon and a decision about WHERE in the world Carmen Sandiego will live next. We’ll see.

Before I get into the awesome places I’ve been, I’ve had a few product reviews lined up and want to get them out. I’m actually setting these up to publish a few weeks in advance, in case I end up off the grid and away from WIFI again… because seriously, the WIFI in Amsterdam was a bit of a joke, although at least they had a Starbucks.

So, the Organix brand was one of the first in the US that I chose to try out. I chose it because I had seen it in MANY friends’ showers and knew it was cruelty-free. It doesn’t hurt that these are rather inexpensive and smell good. This brand was around BEFORE I left the states, and I figured it was about time to try it out.

I went with the coconut Milk line because I wanted ‘nourishing’ more than the other available options, and as stated earlier, I liked the way it smelled.

The upsides: the shampoo and conditioner BOTH work well, even with my thick and hard to manage hair. They feel like the shampoo and conditioners I’m used to, which means they sud up nicely and also detangle well (conditioner). The shampoo spread well and the conditioner was smoothing and I liked that.

The downsides: they are both VERY thick and take some time to get out of the bottle, which is hard to even turn upside down in preparation due to their shapes. I had some issues with squeezing the bottles, too, because they are rather firm. This is not a problem for people with strong hands, but when you have weakness issues, it makes showering take longer.

Other downsides: compared to other brands, they are expensive (which is hysterical, since $5 for a bottle is CHEAP compared to some of the organic stuff I was getting in Germany) for the size /volume of the bottle. Also, I had issues feeling like my hair was really ‘clean’. I use a LOT of product to style, and it often felt like I wasn’t getting it all out, even though it felt fine and smooth after conditioning.

I will say that I want to try another bottle from another Organix line, just to see if my extraction issues are across the board, or just with the coconut milk set. Sadly, I’m not back in the states and have other things to try, so that will have to wait! But overall, a decent set to work with. I’d give them a 3.5/5.