China: you are making it hard to buy beauty products!!!

Posted on 25.08.2013


leaping-bunny-logoI just found out that Caudalíe, who I was cautiously optimistic about, is selling to China. This is an absolute no-go for me. It has officially lost the leaping bunny logo that comes with being cruelty-free, and that is pretty terrible, as I was starting to love the moisturizer and toner I’m currently using.

Sadly, although the company continues to NOT test on animals, once they start to sell to China, even if they don’t do the testing themselves, they become complicit in the testing of animals on China’s end. I am really sad about this, although I don’t personally find it AS terrible as being owned by l’Oreal, who is all FOR animal testing in the western world. The east is a separate beast in this respect.

I just read THIS article from Fashionista, which includes the following statement from Caudalíe, which I at least respect:

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 17.28.54

and then there was this, further down in the article: “Scientists have been introducing non-animal testing alternatives to China, and the country has been receptive. One of the scientists on the project, Dr. Brian Jones of the Institute for In Vitro Sciences (IIVS), said, “[The Chinese] are cautious and careful about wanting to make any changes to protect consumers, but I think when they see something that works well they act on it and do it quickly.”” … that’s at least some good news, but it means that for now, I don’t have to try to find Caudalíe products where I am when they run out, but rather test some new ones and hold out hope for China to come to its senses.