Lactose intolerant girl loves… Comté

Posted on 10.08.2013


photo 3Quite possibly my favorite thing, and the reason I could never really be vegan, is cheese. I am lactose intolerant but can still manage some cheeses, mostly the hard ones and Mozzarella, which I was raised on and seem to have a specific tolerance for.

As of late, I’ve come to love Comté. But not just ANY Comté, it has to be OLD. Technically, all cheese is old due to how it’s made, but I want mine to have sat in a cold dark space for years. A minimum of four, to be precise.

I found this out recently when I folded and bought some younger Comté. It might have been 6 months, maybe a year. It wasn’t good, at all. It wasn’t flaky, or salty, it didn’t crumble in my hand. It was a sad day. I had a feeling I liked the older stuff better, but wasn’t too certain.

My favorite Comté came from a deli truck on the Marktplatz in Würzburg, from the lady who came from Italy and got all of her stuff there. She always spoke English if she heard you speaking it, which I found nice:) She has a 3 and 4 year version, along with a cheaper, year-old version. The four-year old one is by far the best.

When coming back from Paris, we bought a 5-year old Comté from a small shop on the street near the train station, and that stuff was divine. So yes, apparently age matters. I should have known.

If you ever want a surefire way to get me somewhere, bring old Comté. I will do just about anything for that stuff.

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