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Posted on 09.08.2013




Yesterday we laid inside to stay cool and watched some movies. We watched The Fog of War, Mea Maxima Culpa, and then a few episodes of Breaking Bad, Season 3. I also folded 40 cranes.

Here is number 816. I photographed it because it was perfect. And I ended up doing three perfect ones in a row. Then, no more. But here I am, 850 cranes down, and I’ve got the rest of the paper I need to fold all laid out in a pile of fives. After folding yesterday, I pulled the rest of my paper out to separate it and make sure I had enough with me to finish, without needing to buy more. I ended up with about 30 leftover sheets, so I apparently planned quite well!

I was thinking yesterday while folding again about how there are some things you can’t multitask. I folded these while watching 6 – 7 hours of TV. I couldn’t read a book while folding OR while watching, and I was thinking that folding is taking away from my goal to read more than last year. I think I’m on schedule to beat last year’s numbers anyway, but still, it will be nice to get back to reading after I’m done folding cranes. I will certainly KEEP folding cranes, just not with the end goal to make 1,000 of them. I’m almost done with that goal.

150 sheets to go

150 sheets to go

Believe it or not, before deciding to do this, folding 1,000 cranes seemed like the impossible. I couldn’t imagine how I could possibly do so many of them, or where to store them, or how to carry them, or wouldn’t I get bored? Traveling with hundreds of paper cranes proves that with a little planning, anything can be accomplished. I have never been bored while doing this, it is really something that I do and DON’T zone out on, specifically because I am trying so hard to make each one perfectly. That doesn’t happen often, but it’s still something I strive for every time.

I’m close to the end now and have to figure out what to do with the cranes. The rest are currently sitting in DC and Bel Air and will soon be reunited, but I have a feeling I might not get to them myself and they will have to be mailed to me. More on that later, but there are discussions happening about jobs, and decisions are being made. I’m hoping to have some news once I’m back to England, but where I go from there is still up in the air… for now.

I was thinking about these cranes and the daruma I have here with me. I bought the daruma in Japan in order to make a goal to stick to, and the cranes will of course come with a ‘wish’ once I’ve finished… but I wonder if the goal I was planning to set might already be close to done, and maybe by the time I fill in that eye (haven’t done it yet, it’s still wrapped!), it might have to be a different goal. I guess we’ll see. 150 to go… will I be employed at the end of this?

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