The odd, random things you get along the way that end up being AWESOME.

Posted on 08.08.2013


photoI have a funny story about a bag.

This is a bag that I never travel without. It holds my lady-products: tampons, pads, q-tips. It is waterproof. I LOVE the shit out of it.

As you may be able to see on the side, it’s got Japanese writing on it. I have no idea what it says, but I imagine it says, ‘Excellent Onsen hidden in the mountains of Kyushu’, or something to that effect, as that is where I got it from. Or maybe it says ‘waterproof survival bag’, since that was its original use. I can’t wait to learn to read Japanese!

I got it last year in Oita, Japan, from a most excellent private, pay per night Onsen, which was indeed located up in the mountains. You may recall I mentioned the place in THIS post, as it was one of the ONLY places in Japan where your tattooed heroine is allowed to get her ass into an onsen.

I’m writing about the bag because I realized the other day JUST how excellent it was, after my travel shampoo decided to open and spill its contents all over everything in the larger toiletries bag I had. This bag was in there, and thankfully pulled closed, and no shampoo got in to spoil my collection of tampons and pads, which I will certainly need in a week or so. It is JUST a plastic bag, albeit a TRIPLE layered plastic bag. It seems that the stuff DID make it into the first layer, but the inner two are secure. I was able to wash the bag’s exterior and go about my business, and for that I am really thankful.

I’ve had some bad experiences with popped or torn Zip-lock bags, and that is why I’m writing. It’s hysterical that you travel around the world and are given these free things full of toothbrushes and sleep masks, and they turn out to be excellent. I have a waterproof one c/o Virgin airlines that I love, too. It’s funny to me that travelers will SCOUR shops for things like this and pay top dollar for something random, and these end up just being given away to anyone who pays the ticket price.

This is a REALLY simple thing that was given to guests at the onsen, and it’s understandable why we get it, as it’s waterproof and you’re going into steamy baths. It didn’t seem quite so awesome, unique or helpful at the time, I just took it with me to remember my stay and hold a few extras that were given to us. But I’m glad I took it, as it’s been rather helpful.

Moral of the story: don’t overlook the free gifts. What started as a free gift from a hotel on the mountain just became indispensable.

NEVER go anywhere without your towel?

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