As it turns out, I’ve been using Caudalíe for months…

Posted on 07.08.2013


As some of you know, I am on a most ridiculous travel bender. My things are currently sitting in four locations in two countries, plus the third country I’m currently visiting.

One of the bags I don’t switch or clean out much is my makeup bag, as I always need the stuff within. Sure, there are often things thrown INTO the makeup bag, like my battery-operated razor (I’m lazy and have Italian genes) and my auto-ject (injections EVERY DAY for the rest of your life!! Travel all over the world with meds which MUST be refrigerated!!), but for the most part, once makeup goes in, it doesn’t come out until it’s been used up.

photo 2-1Imagine my surprise when I went into my bag yesterday and pulled out this little thing.

Yes, that is by Caudalíe, and I’ve had it for months. I got it BEFORE I left Germany as a free sample from the Apotheker (drug store) where I bought my MS injections (Copaxone, until a great pill comes along) and a lot of bath fizzies.

It is a Caudalíe moisturizer from the Vinosource line. I used it in the earlier months of this year, pre-move, when I ran out of facial moisturizer the LAST time, just to see how it felt.

I shot it next to my perfume, for size reference. It is TINY and was easy to lose in a bag full of makeups!!!

I can already review this. The tube was almost out, but I used a bit of it yesterday (and will most likely use the rest today), just to review and to make a little more extra space in the makeup bag.

I made a tiny mistake in my preparing to leave the country back in the spring and DIDN’T look these guys up or even think about them then, as I was just dealing with a lot of other things and figured I had to use up everything around me, so I would have less to toss in a suitcase later.

Honestly, after traveling around for so many months (therefore making good on ALL of the broken promises of past lives, which I think I might have done in spades by now), it’s funny to think that you actually want to GET RID OF anything you can, just to make your suitcase lighter. I’ve already taken to NOT carrying too many toiletries, as it gives me an excuse to try out my friends’ stuff, the samples at the hotels, or buy cool stuff I find along the way (I’m a sucker for great packaging). To think that getting rid of this tiny thing would lower the weight of a suitcase is hysterical, but we go to such lengths after being driven mad by airport weigh-ins. I will get rid of everything (except clothes) to make the bag lighter.


The Caudalíe Vinosource Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid:
I can say, and will still say this: it is BY FAR one of the lightest moisturizers I have ever used. By this, I mean that I normally go for something a bit thicker, a bit, erm, greasier. This is really, really thin. That seems like a good thing, and I think for the most part it is. My personal issue with it is that it’s so thin, I can’t cut my foundation with it, without using the entire tube.

If that’s not your goal, I think this makes an excellent summer moisturizer and has a REALLY pleasing after-feel. It is really smooth, and refreshing, in a way. It also has a clean scent to it, not really too full of scent products that might mix or cause allergic reactions. Plus.

So I will use up the rest of this tiny tube today, happily, and then go back to my OTHER Caudalíe product:) What a happy accident that I ended up being given THIS tube of stuff months ago!