Book 16: Henry VI (part III): Aug 4

Posted on 04.08.2013


16. Henry VI (Part III), William Shakespeare (August 4)
I might have spent Part I wondering how this would turn into a tragedy, even though it IS considered one of the histories of Shakespeare, but I think in the end it does turn into one, even if it’s just that almost everyone has to die.

I am really SO excited to be finished with these three, even though I did often look forward to reading it and seeing what everyone was getting up to. It took me until the third part to actually understand who was who, and I might have benefited from making my own visual family tree, in order to have images in my head of who was doing what. That being said, with Richard being the next history I’ll read, I already know who most of the players will probably be, unless a LOT of time is supposed to have passed between this and the next.

It’s easy to see how this could be fodder for the GoT stories, as there’s a whole bunch of ‘I am the king’ and a lot of betrayals going on. That being said, I wonder how much of it was actually historical and not just ‘based on history’.

In the notes, it says that these plays are hardly ever viewed, and not often discussed. I find that odd to believe, as I saw it on the schedule at the Globe in London. But maybe no one bothered watching this for a long time, and that’s why these aren’t as popular as Romeo and Juliet? I think more people died here.

I’m glad to have finished this, but am looking forward to taking a break to read something non-Shakespeare. I’ve got a few options before I jump into Titus and Richard III. Thank goodness.


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