Consider me shocked: accidentally found a French company which doesn’t test on animals!

Posted on 02.08.2013


I was staying with a friend in Belgium last week and randomly mentioned that I needed to hit a store and get some more facial lotion. Until that point, I’d been using a small Eucerin tester that was in a gift pack somewhere… and it worked to cut my foundation well enough, so I kept using it!

The tester was just about out (but honestly, as a facial moisturizer, it’s pretty amazing that this thing lasted close to 7 months), and I was sitting in Belgium. So I asked if we could hit a drug store so I could get another one, and my friend said that maybe I should hit an Apotheker instead (like a drug store, but for the more serious stuff). I said it didn’t quite matter, as I wasn’t going to know many of the brands anyway, and would just hope I could find something on one of my ‘doesn’t test’ lists.

I think she took this as a personal challenge. She ended up going out without me, and asked if she could get me anything. I told her a few things, but left the cream off the list, since she doesn’t carry around a ‘doesn’t test’ list on her phone like I do. She wanted to get the cream for me, and I said it was ok, not to worry about it. She asked what I normally look for, and all I could say was that I don’t, I just see what I can find, and it can’t be tested on animals.

I also might have mentioned that as a rule, I tend to stay away from French companies, as they are the most notorious for testing in Europe.

img65403She came back with a moisturizer from a decidedly French-sounding company called Caudalíe, whom I had never heard of before. But she swore up and down that the person at the drug store swears they don’t test on animals. She even went one better and bought me something I haven’t used in years, a toner.

Sadly, the container was in French first, but at least it was in German second. No English on the bottle, but at least I can read one of them. The bottle said ‘not tested on animals’, but that is never enough for me, especially when you come from L’Oreal-run France.

So I got online and did some research, although to be honest I had no choice but to use the cream before researching, as I was completely out of lotion by then and wasn’t going to use my friend’s Body Shop stuff. Sadly, since I was sitting in Belgium, the site wouldn’t allow me to read it in any language but French, which was no help. I read a snippet of the site in English from a Google search, and it claimed to never test the products or allow any of the ingredients to be tested on animals, and that was good enough.

I’ve been out of Belgium for about two days now, and finally got the site to allow me to read it in English. This is what I got from the FAQs:

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 16.07.20

So kudos to my overzealous friend and to Caudalíe. She found a brand that doesn’t test on animals (or lie about it).

145-base-lotion-toniqueI also happened to find out, again by accident, that this brand is carried by Sephora, which might make them the fourth brand I’ve found at the shop that isn’t somehow connected to a company who prefers to test on animals. That’s an awesome plus, except for the fact that it seems the stuff is WAY cheaper over here where it’s manufactured than it is stateside. $165 for some cream seems a little outlandish to me, and I’m not sure Sephora’s points system does enough for me to feel comfortable dropping that kind of cash on these products. So I don’t think I’ll be buying a lot of this from the west side of the Atlantic.

That being said, the toner works just as I remember toners to work: it wipes off all of the extra shit that lays on your face after you wash it and smells fresh. That’s about all I can say for it, aside from the fact that it’s been about a week and I haven’t had an allergic reaction to it.

The moisturizing cream (which is like the undercoat to my foundation) is a little oilier than the Eucerin I was using, which just means I have to use a little less of it. It spreads really far and lays a little thinner than I’m used to, but otherwise feels and spreads fine, and works well with my very-thick foundation (which is Tarte, in case you forgot).

I will gladly buy them again when I am over here (or can find it for the affordable price that the website lists it as), and look for them when I am overseas and need more. But I’m happy with the products and will continue to use them.