Book 15: Henry VI (Part 2), July 20

Posted on 21.07.2013


15. Henry VI (Part 2), William Shakespeare (July 20)
Greetings from London! I’m here for a stopover before heading on for some other things, but I thought it was a nice thing considering what I’m reading. We even stopped by the Globe today to see what was playing, and I’m excited to hit a show on my way back out. I won’t be seeing any of the Henry plays, but I’d rather see a tragedy anyway:)

Henry VI got interesting, but I’m even more interested to see what’s going to play out in Part 3 which I’m reading now… although from the alternate titles I have a good idea.

I wasn’t expecting to like this series as much as  I do. I do love history and I know this falls under ‘propaganda’ for some, but I’m enjoying it. I WILL, however, take a break between this set and Richard III to read Titus, which I already love.

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