Book 14: Henry VI (Part I), July 13

Posted on 14.07.2013


14. Henry VI, Part I, William Shakespeare (July 14)
I honestly can’t believe it took me a year to read this (possibly longer), but I remember being intimidated by the Henry family tree that came with the series. It wasn’t AS big or difficult as I remember it, and since I don’t quite remember a LOT about Henry history, it was an interesting read. I try to go into stories knowing as LITTLE as possible, and the only commentary I’ve gotten on this recently was to hear ‘propaganda piece’ uttered a few times.

I will admit that my interest was piqued after reading that the Game of Thrones series was partially based on the war of the roses. Even knowing that didn’t help much in the beginning of the story, although towards the final third of the play, I was starting to understand what was going to take place and take closer looks at the line of succession back on the family tree.

That being said, about halfway through the book I made the conscious decision to STOP reading the notes at the bottom of each page, as they were unnecessary and I understood the text fine without them. I was starting to get slightly annoyed by all of the war scenes, but a lot more made sense after we got into the ‘roses’ actually starting to stir the shit up. Overall it was a good play and although it was the last to be written, a necessary addition prequel to what is about to follow, I’m sure. The story is slightly hard to follow since there are so many people involved, but I think I’ll come to know them all better by the time Part 3 is finished.

I hear this was made into a movie. I’ll check that out after I’ve finished part 3. I’m happy to have all three in one volume. It made it an easy choice for travel book 🙂

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