Book 12: The Accidental, July 5

Posted on 05.07.2013


12. The Accidental, Ali Smith (July 5)
This book came to me third-hand: It was lent to a friend to read, and then I didn’t have much, so it got lent to me:) I’m happy with that chain of events, but I feel bad for my friend, who still hasn’t read the book.

This isn’t a book or even an author I know a lot about, and it wasn’t on my radar, but I’m glad I read it although I am getting a BIT tired of POV changes in stories. This one did it well, and thankfully there were only 4, 4.5 POVs to shuffle through, and it was only once for each part, so not too difficult to grasp or come to terms with. I find it highly amusing that the father/husband is written to be the most pathetic character, with all of the issues flying around the house. He was easily the most difficult POV to read, because I couldn’t stand him.

The entire premise of the story is just a bit lost on me, but I do appreciate how run-of-the-mill normal the setting is, even if what happens is only slightly unbelievable (but not unheard of).

There was a line in the book that I really loved, and it felt appropriate to… something: ‘I was born free, I’ve had the time of my life and for all we know I’m going to live forever’.

I won’t give away any endings. I’ve got some Atwood coming up, along with some Shakespeare, and Hubert Selby Jr. I’ll pick up more books while I’m out traveling:)

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