Book 9: M is for Magic, June 22

Posted on 22.06.2013


MIsforMagic_Paperback_12503488599. M is for Magic, Neil Gaiman (June 22)
I chose this book first, since its description showed it had a short story inside that was relevant to my next book from Neil, The Graveyard Book, which I just picked up in NYC while visiting. So I got a small introduction to that story while reading this one, which has actually happened before, with Shadow’s character in a short story, as well.

When I ordered this book, I had no idea that I had already read just about ALL of the stories in its pages. That’s what I get for seeing it at a friend’s house, briefly skimming it, and managing to fall upon the ONE story I hadn’t read. That being said, it was actually nice to sit down and read these again, kind of like visiting some old friends. All of the stories were good and ones that I liked the first time, and I was happy to read them again. October in the Chair, Sunbird and Troll Bridge are by FAR three of my favorites, and I liked getting to read them again:)

Neil says some nice things in this one, and there were some things I felt the need to remember. The first came in The Witch’s Headstone: ‘Instead he walked up the side of the hill to where a picnic some thirty years before had left its mark in the shape of a large apple tree’. I just thought that was a superbly written sentence, and so effing nice. If I ever end up writing my short stories, expect to see the influence of that line somewhere.

The second was something I almost want to have tattooed on my body somewhere, so as not to forget it: ‘Remember your name’. There was more to that, in that passage, but that was the part that struck me, as I’ve been having a small identity crisis these past few months, with moving and changing everything. So I liked that a lot and will remember it.

The book is described as a collection of shorts which is geared at children, or it’s expected that children might read this one. I guess I can see that, since Smoke and Mirrors has a lot of graphic stuff in it, but I’d say that even as an adult, I was happy with this collection:)

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