Book 7: Snow White, June 19

Posted on 20.06.2013


snowwhite7. Snow White, The Brothers Grimm and Camille Rose Garcia (June 19)
Under normal circumstances, this would count as a story, to be in a book of many, except that THIS story was illustrated by the amazing Camille Rose Garcia, and is therefore in its own book and binding.

I read it this morning when I woke up, but wasn’t ready to get out of bed. It was a quick read, and I promptly picked up my next book, Peter Pan.

So hey, this is my third book for the month, and that’s my record for this year, although we’ll be MORE excited once I knock out Peter Pan tomorrow:)

This book was done differently than the OTHER book I have for her (see the 2011 page: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland): whereas the first book was just a book, with nice typesetting and some illustrations, this ENTIRE  book was designed. As a graphic designer, I appreciate that greatly, although to be fair and critical, I think this book was slightly overdone, and while it had a theme and was beautiful, it wasn’t 100% congruent and could have been toned down just the smallest bit.

photo from the artist's website

image from the artist’s website

I think there was a lot of ‘page decorating’ going on, as my old professor Rosemary would say, but it didn’t take away from my reading of the story, and it wasn’t badly done at all (see left photo). In fact, it forced me to slow down and really take in each page. It felt a bit like sacrilege to just read at my normal speed and not look at the amount of detail put into each page. Because there was a LOT. Every spread was designed. Every word specifically set and placed.

Definitely at least check this one out in a book store if you can. I’m not sure if you’ll find it at Barnes and Noble, but it is certainly on Amazon, and I got my copy from an alternative book shop.

Regarding the story itself, it has been a LONG time since I read the original Snow White from the Brothers Grimm, but I seem to remember the story being a bit, uh, grimmer. I will say as well that nothing will ever compare to Gaiman’s short, Snow, Glass and Apples, which if you HAVEN’T read yet, definitely do. Once you’ve read that, there is no going back to the original.

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