And one more thing: 700.

Posted on 31.05.2013


photo“You know she likes it if she starts folding, then you know she’s ok to sit there for a while” is what was said of the fact that I started folding when we were on episode 4 of a new TV series Jeanan wanted to show me. And Yes. That’s pretty true.

I hit #700 today. I know I am SO far ahead of schedule and that is excellent:) I’ve started flitting from paper pack to paper pack now, as there are a LOT of different textures at my hands at the moment, and I have more than I need. I will say this: after 15 of the type of paper in the photo today, I learned to NOT crease the thin paper so well, so as to not catch it in the folding and tear it later, as it keeps happening to me and I’m not sure I made ONE that was perfect today. We’ve got a few more of this style of paper to go through and I’m going to work really hard on getting at least ONE to be perfect from this pack. We’ll see if I can do that by the time we get to 800.

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