Landed, for now

Posted on 18.05.2013


DSCN7083Where in the World is GermanyMarie came to a bit of an end today, as we landed in the ‘final’ of destinations: the last house on the list. Over the past few months, it was Germany, England, Japan, and Belgium, and then on to the USA, where I was in NYC, on the Island with my family, then in Bel Air and Baltimore (MD) with friends and family, and am now in VA with a very good friend. I’m not exactly STAYING PUT here, but will be here for a longer amount of time than any of the aforementioned places before heading off or out to do other things.

There will be many trips to Baltimore. A trip to Florida. Another trip to Europe, and also, quite possibly, a long train ride across the USA in an observation car (which I am rather excited about, to say the least). Uh, go big or get a home? I guess?

While all of this is happening, I’ll be applying for jobs in multiple cities and seeing exactly how well I can handle the Baltimore/DC heat, if at all, when AC is a part of the equation. There’s a bedroom here in VA with my name on it, and assuming I can actually handle the heat, it’s in an ideal apartment complex, complete with a full gym RIGHT across the hall and a pool downstairs… so I’ll be strongly considering that, even if I never would have imagined myself living in VA:) It’s certainly closer to Baltimore than Germany was…

I’m still alive, and have just been hopping from friend to family member, then back to friend again, and enjoying getting to spend so much time with everyone I haven’t seen in so long. I’m still planning to go everywhere and do everything (and see everyone), so don’t expect me to STAY MIA, it was just what had to be done to get the most time that I could with everyone:)

I’m here, will be back to writing soon, and will post more photos once they are off the cameras:) Promise:) Right now I need to settle my mind and get everything all lined up to actually GET DONE, though, so a few more days of ‘what do I do first?’ and then I’m back for a bit:)

So HELLO there, hope you are well, and we’ll talk again soon!

Oh, and I’m also on crane #600. I haven’t forgotten, just had to stop folding for a bit!


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