Book 3: A Clash of Kings, May 6

Posted on 09.05.2013


A Clash of kings3. A Clash of Kings, George R. R. Martin (May 6)
So I went right from the first book to the second, and I don’t think anyone could fault me for that. Once you start a series and get close to the characters, it’s hard to walk away from them. I had a specific goal in reading these, and I’m about to reach that as I’m already into book 3: to know what’s going to happen next in the TV show. That wasn’t something I could do with the Potter series, but I can certainly do it now. Although the show hasn’t followed the books exactly, enough is there to understand what is and is not going to happen, and I do LOVE a good spoiler.

I’m reading at a REALLY slow pace compared to the past few years, but I think I’ll be able to pick it up now that there is no moving or packing or traveling to be done. Now I can split my time between job hunting, seeing friends and reading, so I’m bound to knock more books out. I have a feeling I’ll have to read all of this series before I jump into new books, but the good part is that I have all of my Shakespeare books with me, along with a few great recommendations and one new Gaiman book. I’m SET!

So Clash of Kings the book starts to show the ways that the TV series is veering away from the books: entire characters are missing or gone, some scenes with NO narrators in them have to be made up entirely for the show to move forward, and they are clearly making Joffrey an EVIL little shit in the TV show, whereas in the books you only KIND OF get an idea that he’s a dick. Often. Artistic license is there for a reason, and I can look at the show with the books in my mind and understand why some changes are there. Just as in the Potter series, if you took the book word-for-word, the movies would be VERY long (and we would have known Luna MUCH sooner, and Creacher MUCH better).

All in all a good and easy read, and hard to put down (although I really can’t stand reading Catelyn. Sansa has ONLY become interesting because of the Hound and her escape plans).

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